TNA: The TNA/MMA crossover, will it work?

Recently on Impact Wrestling we have seen the arrival of two top MMA stars in the form of Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz and they have both taken spots at the top of the card.

The question I am asking is should MMA stars be taking spots in professional wrestling?

In my opinion TNA are trying to mimmick what the WWE have done with Brock Lesnar, the only problem is Jackson and Ortiz have never been professional wrestlers where as Lesanr was a WWE superstar before becoming a UFC champ and Lesnar’s return has not been a huge success as he only appears occasionally and has wrestled a total of 5 times since returning.

With TNA’s current financial problems, I think that they are taking the wrong direction to try to boost ratings and income. Both Jackson and Ortiz do not look comfortable in the ring or on the mic and I feel that there are wrestlers on the roster and recently released wrestlers who are far more deserving of these spots than the MMA stars and both Jackson and Ortiz only seem to be on Impact to promote their Bellator fight in November.

TNA recently released Luke Gallows (DOC) and Crimson who would have been perfect for positions in the Main Event Mafia and Aces and Eights.

I hope that TNA decide to drop the MMA link soon and return to pushing wrestlers to the top of the card.


WWE: Should Kane have ever had his mask removed?


Kane is one of the best superstars in the history of the WWF/WWE, a former WWF Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, multiple time tag team champ, Triple Crown Champion, Grand Slam Champion and Money in the Bank winner.

He is one of the longest-serving stars in the WWE having joined the company in 1995, he had two unsuccessful gimmicks before finding success as Kane. Throughout his career he has been one of the most consistent performers in professional wrestling. The only question mark over his career is whether or not he should he should have ever had his mask removed?

Kane’s character debuted at the 1997 Badd Blood: In Your House PPV as The Undertakers thought to be dead brother and began a reign of terror against the deadman and became one of the most dominant and destructive superstars on the roster. In the years following his debut, the character did become slightly diluted and was not as unbeatable as when he first debuted, there was still an aura around him that made him imposing and whenever his music hit you could see the fear in other superstars eyes. The Big Red Machine was not someone you wanted to mess with and his mask only added to his character.

In 2003, Kane faced Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. However this match had an added stipulation which was that if Kane lost he would be forced to remove his mask. On June 23 of 2003, the WWE universe first saw the face behind the mask and although Glenn Jacobs isn’t the best looking guy in the world, he certainly wasn’t the horrible, burnt and disfigured human we had been lead to believe he was.

After losing the mask a lot of the aura around Kane disappeared and he turned from a masked monster to a strong big man. Although many times since 2003 he was pushed as an unstoppable monster, he could not recapture the dominance he had when he worse the mask. In 2012, after taking some time off The Big Red Machine returned wearing his mask and although the WWE tried to push him as the old Kane, there was no mystery as we all knew who was behind the mask.

I do not think that the WWE should ever have removed Kane’s mask, the mystery surrounding the monster would have made Kane a dominant figure for the whole of his run with the company. Just imagine his run in ECW as the true Big Red Machine, someone who felt little to no pain, would sit back up after being hit with everything and then go on to destroy his opponent.