TNA: Have Aces & Eights been a success?


Ever since attacking Sting after Bound for Glory in 2012 the Aces & Eights have been a fixture on TNA programming, but have they been a success up to this point?

I have read many people’s opinions on this with many people either saying yes or no, however I don’t think it’s that simple. The main reason I say this is because the concept of the group has been a success as they have caused havoc among the TNA roster and gained some attention from the wrestling world, especially when they were a bunch of masked bikers attacking whoever they wanted and the number of them changed from week to week.

The execution of the storyline however I do not think has been that great. As mentioned to start with the mystery and violence of the group was great, everyone was trying to guess who they were. It started to fall a little flat when the group started getting unmasked, I know it had to happen but I was hoping for some real shocks and a few gasps at who these guys were, but it never happened. To start with Devon was revealed an although surprising, it wasn’t shocking. Next up was DOC (Luke Gallows) and the announce team didn’t even know what to call him which didn’t sell the moment and it was even worse when Mike Knox was unveiled and made his introduction to TNA completely forgettable. At this point I was really hoping for a major player to be revealed but it never happened, instead we got Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco. At some point Mr Anderson joined them as well and TAZ revealed himself as a member at the wedding of Bully Ray an Brooke Hogan.

So now we knew everyone except the President and the VP. I had big hopes for either of these but already suspected Bully Ray as being President. I was slightly shocked at D-lo Brown as VP but it was still a bit of a let down and then Bully revealed himself as President at Lockdown. Bully Ray is a brilliant leader but there is no-one else in the group who really stands out and there was never that WOW moment when someone huge was revealed as none of them are really main event stars, most are WWE midcard rejects.
Wouldn’t AJ Styles have been a better guy to have been VP? The face of TNA the number two guy in the group trying to bring down the company.

There also seems to be a lack of direction in the group. Why are they not chasing the tag team titles? Who is the tag team in the group? Some signs point at Bischoff and Brisco but I just don’t see them as any kind of threat to anyone, in my opinion it should be DOC and Knox as they are physically imposing and a credible threat to the other teams.
Why is Devon not in a feud with anyone for the TV title? It seems that other than Bully Ray and his World Heavyweight Championship no-one else in the group is doing anything worth noting.

I hope that TNA will change this and have other members of the group involved in their own feuds rather than just backing up Bully Ray all the time, even the involvement of Kurt Angle against them has not done much. There is still time and potential for this storyline I just hope the creative team can actually see it.