Should WWE bring back the brand split??

The WWE has scrapped the brand split in recent years and in my opinion it is to the detriment of the WWE as a whole.

In the early years of the brand split it created a lot of excitement as fans had two different wrestling shows to watch and for many fans it brought back some of the elements of the monday night wars due to WWE giving fans two separate wrestling shows. It also gave the WWE a chance to divide up their over inflated roster due to the aquisitions of both WCW and ECW as well showcase some of their new talent from their development territory, which was desperately needed as some of the big names had either retired, were coming to the end of their careers or needed time to recover from injuries.

If it hadn’t been for the brand split would guys like John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista have ever been given their chance to shine?

One of the big things that aided the brand split was the introduction of the World Heavyweight Championship and the US Title. These titles along with the WWE Championship and the Intercontinental Championship gave both shows a major and minor title, both shows also had their own tag team titles.

Having a major and secondary title on both shows gave superstars a chance to move up the card which would not have been possible if there had only been 1 major title and 1 secondary title.

One thing that many fans looked forward to was the draft that happened annually after every Wrestlemania as it could completely change the landscape of the WWE in one night as the biggest names or even the champion could end up being drafted to the other brand. Seeing a name like Triple H or Kurt Angle change brands added excitement to the already exciting Ruthless Aggression era.

So should the WWE bring back the draft? Of course they should, and here’s why:

Currently the WWE has a huge amount of talent which is great for wrestling but many of the superstars are being lost in the shuffle which is bad for the future of wrestling. If the WWE brought back the brand extension then it would give some of these superstars a chance to shine, it would also help to bring some relevance back to the secondary titles and a chance to really bring back the tag team and diva’s divison.

One of the main problems with WWE programming is that we see too much of certain superstars on both shows and that now include the new main event show. Recently we have seen superstars like Sheamus, CM Punk and The Big Show at least twice a week, would it make the programme’s more interesting if you knew you was going to see different stars on different shows?

It would also make the PPV’s more appealing if both Raw and Smackdown had 4 PPV’s each as well as the big four Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series which both shows would share and bring back the Smackdown Vs Raw Survivor Series match.

It would give some of the most deserving and talented superstars such as Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett and The Miz a real chance to shine as they would either be able to compete for one of the two championships on their brand or have a meaningful feud that would actually get some tv time so that the WWE universe can actually begin to connect with the characters. I remember during the late 90’s and early 2000’s that a lot of programming was featured around fueds that had no connection to a title, which is something that unless it involves John Cena does not happen in todays WWE.

The WWE could also bring the new show Main Event into the brand and use it as the next step up to NXT as it would give the up and coming stars a chance to get on mainstream TV to see if they could step up especially if there was a few seasoned veterans on the show. This is very much the way the WWE used their version of ECW.

I hope the WWE seriously consider doing this again because when the main event stars of today come to the end of their careers the WWE will struggle as other than the introduction of the shield the WWE has not given any indication of really pushing their younger stars as main eventers and seeing how the WWE has treated Wade Barrett since the split of the Nexus I don’t hold much hope for any of the shield members to be treated much better.


One thought on “Should WWE bring back the brand split??

  1. I completley agree with you. The brand split was alot better then it is now. They need to bring it back. Back then like in 2006 era wwe was awsome, but with the super show it is actually quit boring. If Vince and Triple H was smart they would immediatley change it.

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